A Fresh Start

In August, we received a call from a single mother who was in need of housing for her three children ,and soon to be four, once she delivered her baby boy in the middle of August. She thought she had three months to be out of her current home but on the day of her c-section she was informed that she only had three weeks to find a new home. The request went out through the network that a family needed a place to stay. A church in our network volunteered to help move the family but at that point in time  we did not know where the family would be moving to. The day before she had to be out of her home we received a call from a Christian business man who said that he had an apartment for rent and that they could move in immediately.  Fast forward a couple of months down the road and this single mother is working a full-time job and supporting her family! She is also attending church with her mentor and this past Sunday she proclaimed that she had accepted Christ as her Savior, joined the church and two of her children were baptized!! God is so good!!