The Church Mobilization Network


The poor and needy are dear to the heart of God. When the church serves those in need with humility and compassion, it visibly demonstrates God’s grace and love.

THE CHURCH Mobilization Network (CMN) is designed to connect churches so they can collectively respond to needs in our community.  CMN exists to create ministry opportunities through sharing ideas, contact information, and expressed needs.  Through collaboration, new ministry ideas can be fostered that can have a transforming impact on the lives in our community.

The CMN fosters relationships with existing agencies & providers and shares service opportunities with our network churches.  Many of these agencies and service providers are overwhelmed and underfunded and are open to receiving assistance from local churches. Because these agencies are on the front lines of serving people in need, they have already evaluated and legitimized the need.  We hope to create greater opportunity for ministry by sharing these needs with our network churches.

God has given a unique role to the church: to serve “widows and orphans” (James 1:27; Matthew 25:37-40).  But over the years this role has largely been filled by local, state, and federal agencies. However, with government budgets decreasing and the number of those in need increasing, the Church has an amazing opportunity to step out and meet both the physical and spiritual needs of our neighbors; to bring God’s kingdom to our area.

Vision: To shift the trend of America’s culture toward a biblical worldview through the church compassionately serving our community with the love of Jesus Christ.

Mission: To connect churches in order to effectively and efficiently meet needs in our community by demonstrating the love of Jesus Christ through acts of service and generosity.

Core Values: Generosity; Unity of Purpose; God Glorifying; Dignity

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